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Knowledge Sharing & Management Strategy

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Our client is the Australian business unit of a major global oil and gas company.

The business unit is undergoing significant growth driven by large major capital projects and is experiencing rapidly increasing size and business process complexity, as well as an increasing numbers of non-permanent staff. Effective information and knowledge management are seen as fundamental to ensuring business efficiency and effectiveness.

The business unit has created a five year strategy with a clear vision for world class information management. Knowledge sharing and management are seen as an integral part of this strategy, helping individuals be as effective as possible in their work and the company in achievement of its goals.
ABU therefore requires, within the scope of the overall IM strategy, a strategy for knowledge sharing and management.

Our Approach

Following research on the IM strategy and related technology roadmap we interviewed key stakeholders to understand the current knowledge sharing environment and requirements for sharing and collaboration in future,

Based on our experience of knowledge sharing environments and solutions, we were able to

  • Identify key challenges to knowledge sharing in the current environment
  • Articulate a clear and succinct vision for knowledge sharing
  • Describe eight key activities or focus areas forming the core of the strategy
  • Describe what those focus areas mean in the business unit's specific context, and state what will de done as a result

We then developed an outline programme for strategy implementation activities in these focus areas.

The Outcome

Work on refreshing the IM strategy for the next five year period is currently ongoing. Our client was able to incorporate the output of the knowledge sharing and management strategy as an element of the renewed strategy, implementation of which is expected to start within twelve months.

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From advisory services and data management through to EIM, Venture has delivered a wide range of Information Management solutions to BP’s upstream business