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Landmark to GeoFrame/Charisma/IESX

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Successful Migration of data to Charisma, IESX and GeoFrame, as a replacement for the outgoing OpenWorks suite.




To help the client to move towards a single vendor solution, a decision was made to migrate two large key pilot projects from OpenWorks and Seisworks to GeoFrame, Charisma and IESX.

  • Preliminary work involved consultation with the business, to identify the priority of the projects
  • Preliminary work involved taking an inventory of the OpenWorks and associated SeisWorks (OW & SW) projects to identify the different data types and their numbers
  • Export of all data types from OWand SW in specified formats for GeoFrame, Charisma & IESX, following procedures and standards
  • Import of data to GeoFrame 3.8.1, adhering to the clients and Venture standards
  • Import of data to IESX or Charisma.
  • Detailed QC of all project data in GeoFrame, Charisma and IESX.

This successful pilot has been followed up by a large-scale transfer of a further 50 projects.




The use of the Landmark suite has been greatly reduced, with the majority of G&G staff now transferred to GeoFrame, IESXand Charisma. As a continuation of this project, many other Landmark projects are being identified in other asset groups for migration to GeoFrame, Charisma and IESX.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.