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Major Methanol Producer needing EDRMS

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Venture's client had enjoyed some years of successful, safe operations based on a manual scheme for managing engineering documents, using hard-copy drawings and documents administered by a robust Document Control Centre.

The hand-off of engineering information from the construction phase had been very effective and provided a sound basis for ongoing operations, maintenance and modifications. However, the gradual, unchecked growth of site and department shared servers, uncontrolled CAD licences and informal, local updates to shared operating processes and procedures had led to a potential loss of control. Many unofficial, obsolete copies (both physical and electronic) held by discipline teams and individuals had led to confusion, mistakes and increasing risks to safety, profitability and reputation.

Confidence had been lost in previously trusted information sources. Additionally, increasing reliance on Maximo and SAP (Procurement) to support core operations had led to a clear requirement for electronically stored documents as a single, trusted source and linkages to other systems.


Venture analysed and documented the client's business requirements and priorities, assessed the potential improvements achievable through implementing an Electronic Documents and Records Management system (EDRMS) and recommended an approach to addressing both the cultural and process aspects that we deemed essential to success.

Our documented Business Requirements and plan for implementation have underpinned their choice of EDRMS and approach to a staged implementation. We continue to work with them providing both advisory support and implementation services.


The client recognised that allowing the situation to develop further would lead to operational, commercial and safety problems.

The approach, scope and priorities that we have advised will enable them to progressively reduce the replication of documents, and eliminate confusion over their history, currency and validity. Confidence will be restored in unified information sources, starting with high priority and wide-reaching items.

We continue to work with them to ensure that all staff are trained in both system usage and the philosophies, policies and procedures set up to govern a new regime providing improved performance and safety.

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