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Multiple Shared Drive Content Analysis using V-KIT



Venture was asked to investigate the content of multiple shared content drives totalling some 3TB of data. The areas were thought to contain a high volume of duplication.

A series of reports were required to help understand the content, its structure and how it could be better organised in future. Our client was concerned that there might be missing or incomplete data in the companies master data store.


The Venture V-KIT tools for File Scanning and Analysis and were used to meet the requirements of the client. The File Scanner was used to scan each of the content areas; the collected file attributes were stored in a database for off-line analysis by the Analysis Tool. The tool was used to produce the required reports saving many hours of laborious work and manipulation of spread sheets. Venture delivered the project in just a few days from start to finish

The reports included:

  • Analysis of duplicated content across different folder areas
  • Understanding of content in targeted folder areas (i.e. targeted scanning)
  • Hierarchical displays of the content structure or folder plan
  • Graphical representation of and tables of file distribution by age and size
  • Recommendations for a new folder structure.



The client was able to very quickly understand the nature and structure of their data enabling planning for a definitive master data store.


Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.