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Office Relocation

Our client, a multi-national oil and gas company, recently relocated their offices within central London. Venture led the records management component from initial risk assessment through to implementation.



Prior to the activities relating to the move itself, Venture organised and led a risk assessment workshop to review potential records management risk areas relating to the relocation and agree mitigating actions. We also produced a communication plan and FAQ leaflet for the client to distribute to staff in order to help them in the move process.

We assisted in identifying key contacts and stakeholders within each department and interviewed each in order to understand the present records management situation, and to cover potential department and business needs during the move itself. This was followed by an information audit, assessing space requirements, sorting and indexing records collections and weeding out those records suitable for confidential disposal or transfer to secure offsite storage.

In liaison with the various business departments, the relocation project team and the move contractors themselves, Venture supervised the listing, boxing and preparation of records for relocation to the new offices, followed by unpacking and re-shelving of records for specific departments within the new office environment.



With the relocation now complete, Venture are continuing their work with the client to undertake a full current state assessment of records management on a departmental basis - to understand the record series managed, any relevant processes that may be in place and provide high level recommendations that will help our client establish stringent records management procedures. This will build to the development of a fully compliant retention schedule.

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From advisory services and data management through to EIM, Venture has delivered a wide range of Information Management solutions to BP’s upstream business