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OpenWorks and Geolog Wireline Data Audit

In preparation for an upcoming licensing round, our client needed to audit a priority set of 600 wells held in its OpenWorks and Geolog repositories. In particular, irrespective of source, it needed to remove duplicate curves and identify a best set of wireline data for each well.



Venture's V-KIT toolset was used for the audit, enabling the whole process to be completed in a matter of days; undertaking checks that would be impossible to do by traditional means.

For example, for wireline data an analysis of maximum/minimum/mean curve values and maximum/minimum depths was carried out and a checksum was calculated to uniquely identify a curve. These statistics allowed duplicate curves to be identified. Also it identified curves that may have been loaded to the wrong well and highlighted potentially duplicate but differently named wells. The analysis also reported duplicate curves that had been loaded with the wrong depth units.

The following process was used:

  • Extraction. 600 priority wells with 27,000 wireline curves were extracted from our clients OpenWorks and Geolog repositories into V-KIT's Oracle staging data base
  • Well mapping. Using V-KIT utilities, duplicate wells were identified, and the data for each duplicate well, combined
  • Curve Filter. Run to exclude any Interpretative curves
  • V-KIT analysis. Duplicate curves identified. Curves loaded to the wrong well identified. Curves with identical sample intervals, but with different depth ranges identified. Duplicate curves loaded with wrong depth units highlighted. All reported to an Excel workbook.


Our client has a clear picture of what is its best wireline data. This information can now be leveraged to configure and cleanse our client's data stores enabling the best available data to be readily accessed during the licensing round.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.