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Perforation Data Backlog Cleanup

Perforation data was recognised by our customer to be of critical importance to the business. However, it was also acknowledged to be poorly managed, leading to a loss of confidence in the data by the engineering community. Venture was engaged to help restore this confidence by consolidating and improving the quality of the data.


The data was scattered across a number of data sources including:

  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Corporate data store (CDS)
  • EDM drilling database
  • Drilling Reports

The immediate objective of the project was to consolidate all of the data into the EDM drilling database, ensuring that the data was correct and complete.


A three stage process was followed:

  • Identify any wells lacking perforation data and load the missing data into EDM using OpenWells from the other data sources (excel, drilling reports and CDS)
  • Validate the existing EDM data with CDS, QC and correct the data from drilling reports and user feedback
  • Remove duplicate data in EDM.


Our work helped to restore the engineers confidence in their data by ensuring that:

  • Incorrect perforation reports were removed
  • Duplicate perforation reports were rationalised
  • Incorrect perforation intervals depths were corrected 
  • Duplicate perforation intervals were rationalised
  • Incorrect status of perforation interval were amended
  • Incorrect open/closed date of perforation interval were corrected
  • Data loaded into the wrong wells were removed.

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