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Petrel, Tigress Capture

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As part of a strategy to enhance the data asset captured to Corporate Store, Venture supported a client in the development of a process to capture Results data from Tigress and Petrel projects



Previously the only Results data captured originated from GeoFrame and Landmark projects, that had been signed-off as completed and final. However, it was recognised that data held in Tigress and Petrel projects were not being captured. Venture was asked to resolve this issue:

A two-phase approach was identified:

Phase 1: Identification of existing Petrel and Tigress projects

Through consultations with users, Petrel and Tigress projects were identified for immediate and future loading into the Corporate Store. It was agreed that the following data types would be captured:

  • Tigress – Reservoir analysis, horizon picks, curves, surfaces
  • Petrel – Geological models of wells, cross-sections, horizons, seismic and fault interpretation.

Phase 2: Upload Process Development

Through consultation, primarily with the Data Management service delivery team, processes were developed and responsibilities agreed for quality assuring and uploading data to the Corporate Store.



  • Tigress and Petrel Projects available in the Corporate Store, enabling easy access to all authorised users
  • Data assets held in a secure, managed environment
  • Removal of old projects from the ‘live’ environment, reducing disc space requirements and improving system performance

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