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Physical Storage HSE, Security & Administrative Assessment

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As the operator of activities under a Production Sharing Agreement, our client had recently undertaken responsibility for the physical data, records and archives on behalf of the other joint venture companies. These physical data items were being managed under differing contracts with various storage companies located in a number of sites across Europe and Asia, and were inherited from the previous operator.

Client Testimonials

"I would like to pass along my appreciation for a job well done ... the assessments and reports have been of high quality and their efforts should provide us a spring board for continuous improvement with our data storage facilities. Look forward for further opportunities to work with Venture in the future." Senior Human Factor and Health Advisor.

"... thanks a lot for you very good work and I really appreciate the very high standard level of your reports." Physical Records and Items Manager.


Looking to gain a better understanding of their offsite data storage, our client requested an independent series of administrative, HSE and security audits on each physical storage location.

HSE audits were undertaken at each relevant storage facility in terms of the following major system and control provisions:

  1. Fire Protection/Gas Detection Systems
  2. Environmental Conditions and Control Systems
  3. Security Control Systems
  4. Safety and Health Practices/Programs
  5. Administration
  6. Contracts/Agreements

Data storage areas were inspected at sites across Europe and Asia, involving an assessment and audit of conformance of the facilities and associated work processes and procedures against current accepted HSE standards, international good oil industry practice, contractual requirements and any international and/or statutory requirements.

Why Venture?

With its extensive working experience with data storage companies on behalf of E&P companies across the Industry, Venture was able to rapidly mobilise a small team complete with a broad range of available expertise and knowledge of all data media and formats, as well as excellent understanding of the best practises for storage at warehouse facilities.


Working closely with our client and their data storage contractor companies, Venture achieved all project objectives on time and within budget. The client now has:

  • Protocols, documents and procedures for ongoing contractor assessment to best industry standards
  • Assurance that each audit report has highlighted all relevant concerns (as well as examples of good practice), which will help protect them against any liabilities as long as the contractors undertake the recommended remedial actions.
  • Risk impact and remedial action ranking of recommendations, in order to provide a simplified tabular evaluation graded in terms of risk and ease of implementation
  • Increased confidence that the data is either being stored to the highest Industry standards, including relevant safety controls and certification, or will be subject to specified remedial actions
  • Increased confidence that they have the best understanding of all storage requirements for the data when undertaking subsequent data storage contractual negotiations or the next tender for storage.

Client Spotlight


From advisory services and data management through to EIM, Venture has delivered a wide range of Information Management solutions to BP’s upstream business