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Production Data Database Build


Our client was taking over operatorship of a complex field with neglected facilities. Historically, the management of information had not been a priority, and records were very poorly organised. There was an immediate need to understand what data was available and to consolidate it into a single repository.


Consultants from across Venture's practices formed a team to apply a wide range of skills and experience to understand the situation and problems before collating and cleansing diverse facets of historical production data and its derivation.

With the new operator's technical experts we produced a data model and data manipulation programs covering well configuration and production facilities, well production, injection and facilities, well status and test history, zonal allocation, etc.

The technical solution was a Windows MFC application developed in C++ , using an Oracle database and involving Oracle PL/SQL development.
A large data and report archive was assessed, prioritised, quality-checked (using our in-house V-DAT services) and captured to prepare the system for active use.

It is anticipated that, in time, the cleansed data will be managed through a standard, commercial production data system, though these do not offer the specific functionality required by the business at this stage.



Our technical experts developed a bespoke database and reporting system that enables sophisticated data cleansing to increase confidence in both the commercial and technical history of the field.

The information can be used to confidently challenge the outgoing operator's production history (a major commercial consideration) and build an improved reservoir model. The system also enables the operator to keep control of current production data.

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From advisory services and data management through to EIM, Venture has delivered a wide range of Information Management solutions to BP’s upstream business