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Production Data Capture

Our client requested that an evaluation of available operational industry production databases be made to enable a solution for its own producing assets to be recommended.


The client’s existing data resided in a series of Excel spreadsheets. Although this worked, it was inefficient to maintain as each asset received data in different formats and on different media types from the various operators. In addition the formats frequently changed.

With continued growth in data volumes, Excel system limits were also being reached and access to data by team members to the data that they required was becoming difficult.

A full evaluation of the existing production database was undertaken. Contacts were made to a number of partner oil companies to understand the tools that they used to capture this information, which was in turn followed by evaluations of their software.




  • An understanding of the solutions that others were employing and any issues that they had with their method.
  • A recommended solution that enabled:
  • More effective current reporting by employing a web-enabled database solution
  • Access to the data for all team members from their desktop.


Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.