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Project Management of a Complex ArcGIS Implementation

Our client, the central IS department of a major international oil and gas company were implementing an ArcGIS Server to centrally manage the geospatial data for their UK-based business units. Venture were approached to provide experienced project management to ensure the project delivered to a set of complex and varied stakeholder requirements



Our project managers experience with the stage-gate project process common to many of our E&P clients, enabled rapid familiarisation with the clients own project methodology.

Specific challenges included:

  • Clarifying and prioritising differing business drivers from different business units. From the outset we ensured that the project maintained focus on the business benefits. Clarifying and prioritising the varying business drivers from each of the business units was a particular challenge. Each business unit was not only at at a different stage in spatial data management maturity, but also at a different stage in the E&P asset life cycle. Ensuring that the business drivers were used as a benchmark for all subsequent project activities was critical to the projects success
  • Managing a complex set of IT related activities. The size of the clients own central IT infrastructure organisation meant for a complex set of requirements from a wide range of stakeholders; ranging from information security to infrastructure procurement. Detailed project planning and stakeholder mapping ensured our project manager was able to deliver to these needs, whilst ensuring value and relevance to each of the business units
  • Integration into business processes. Implementation of ArcGIS Server was into an organisation familiar with the management of geospatial data via shapefiles, but with only limited experience of file geodatabases. As a result, communication and change management were vital to the successful integration of ArcGIS Server into business processes and data management practices post project. At all stages of the project, key stakeholders from the business units were involved in shaping the project, enabling from the start, the business units to manage the change process.


Despite a complex set of business drivers and stakeholder groups, the project was completed on schedule and under budget. The project delivered to all its business requirements, and post project feedback from the various business units was very positive.

The project delivered a successful base system for the business units to begin to realise significant benefit for the step change enabled by a successful ArcGIS Server deployment.

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