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RECALL Implementation

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Following corporate mergers, our client wished to re-establish RECALL as its corporate digital log store. We were requested to rationalise existing data and develop procedures such that the in-house Data Management team could effectively manage the system



Historically our client used Baker Atlas’s RECALL as its corporate digital log data store. Over time and two corporate mergers this practice lapsed but now the new organisation wanted to re-establish RECALL as its corporate store.

To achieve this, Venture was requested to:

  • Audit the existing RECALL data
  • Rationalise and standardise the existing RECALL data
  • Document procedures around:
    • The loading of files in LAS, LIS, DLIS & ASCII
    • The exporting of files for loading into G&G interpretation applications
    • Data editing: merging/splicing logs and curves to produce composited data sets
    • Data interrogation: plotting, reporting, etc.
    • The implementation of standards (bulk attribute changing, adding)
    • Load any digital log data that the company had elsewhere: in storage, in applications, on NT shared drives.



Documented procedures and guidelines associated with all digital well log data workflows were produced. These together with the delivery of a library of 30 tailor-made scripts and associated instructions for carrying out routine RECALL tasks enabled RECALL services to be effectively managed by the in-house data management team.

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