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Records Management Review Programme

Our client, an international oil company, required a review and evaluation of records management across the organisation, including all commercial and technical departments and their associated records. As a result we helped define and implement a programme establishing records management as an organisational competency



Venture was requested by our client, an international oil company to identify and evaluate the way in which records are managed within its UK offices.

As a result, a records management programme was defined, agreed, scoped and implemented with the agreement of the business teams, that included all commercial and technical departments and their associated records. The strategy and implementation needed close alignment with the way in which the worldwide corporation envisaged a continued RM and EIM deployment.



Preliminary projects were created and run to:

  • Define the initial roadmap for RM deployment within the UK
  • Improve the quality of RM indices in preparation for deployment
  • Evaluation of available ERMS systems and classification schemes to establish the most appropriate system/scheme within the context of global strategies.


Secondary phase projects to follow include RM & ERMS pilot deployment to provide proof of concept for:

  • End to end process definition
  • ERMS system compatibility/functionality
  • Classification scheme unification and modification


Once these secondary projects were completed the scope and objectives for the full deployment were defined within an implementation programme. This saw the final sign-off on the choice of applications and practices, which were developed and dovetailed into the worldwide corporate strategy. At this point the programme roadmap was shared with the wider business communities to establish the expectations for the delivery of a records management framework.



As a result of the implementation, records management was established as an organisational competency, with:

  • Assurance that records management processes and practices comply with external and internal regulatory requirements
  • Confidence that records are properly cared for and readily available
  • Knowledge that out-of-date information is properly disposed of
  • Easier user searching and access to corporate records
  • A reliable audit trail of records management activities.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.