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Reserves Management Application

On behalf of our client we developed an Oracle-based web application for managing their reserves management information, with an ArcGIS map interface.



Managing reserves information is a complex process. A lot of time and resources goes into analysing technical data to produce hydrocarbon volume estimates. This data needs to be combined with other information (e.g. risk and licence % interests) to produce a picture of potential assets around the world.

Venture worked with a company whose data was stored in an Excel ‘database’, which caused many problems. Managing the data was tedious and error prone with preparation of an annual data submission taking many weeks. The company was at risk of submitting bad data during its reserves reporting process. The client recognised that a long-term robust solution was required.



Venture recommended a web application served by a robust Oracle data store, with a map interface using ESRI ArcGIS. This solution also links into a corporate licence database. The input and review workflow was mapped in the application ensuring it is now managed and controlled. Users can simply enter and manage data via the web interface throughout the whole process. Reports can be generated and exported into familiar Excel spreadsheets at any time.



The solution is providing a number of benefits:

  • Controlled data entry ensures accurate results
  • Solution processes mapped to business process provides valid consistent and reliable reporting information
  • Visualisation of prospects and leads helps users and management to audit reserves
  • Links to corporate licence information improves data quality, providing more accurate figures
  • Critical information is held is a robust data store that can be easily audited
  • Users interact with a familiar browser interface, whilst still having reports generated in Excel
  • Reserve data can be submitted every 6 months as the data is reliable, up to date and now takes minutes to produce.


The solution: ESRI ArcGIS Maps interfaced to Oracle data via browser application.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.