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The design and implementation of an improved information management system for a subsurface business unit, leading to vastly improved and accelerated data access



Our client was a mid-sized independent oil company headquartered in North America. Successful exploration, asset acquisition and the development of a major project had lead to significant increases in staff numbers and organisational change. Methods of storing and maintaining information had not kept pace with growth, and business users increasingly struggled to get hold of trustworthy information in time to meet their deadlines. The client asked Venture to investigate what could be done to improve information management for the subsurface areas of the business.



The first step was to understand in detail the businesses requirements and confirm the details of the current situation. We conducted a two-week study focussing on the current situation and its strengths and weaknesses. This allowed us to identify areas where practical action could be taken and outline plans for change.

The second step was to build programmes of specific actions to address the issues found. Following some further work within the business we designed IM systems, largely within the framework of existing IM infrastructure, which would improve the business’s ability to access critical information. Two roadmaps were developed, one for electronic and physical documents and one for geotechnical information and data.



Using the roadmap for geotechnical information, the client undertook a significant project, managed by Venture, to implement improved storage, standardisation, and accessibility of critical subsurface digital data. For this project, we implemented a system involving the integration of databases, document management systems and a web-based GIS portal to allow users to search for and access this information. Crucially, we also designed and implemented new processes to ensure that the system is integrated into the client’s normal information flows, and will be maintained over the life-time of the system.

A programme of specific projects for document management based closely on the recommended programme was also adopted and is ongoing.



Business users are now able access the client’s key subsurface information from one location through an accessible and easy-to-use web interface.

Search times for reliable information have been significantly reduced. Ease of access is also improved, and the client reports that project build times are lower as a result. Users also have increased confidence that the information they retrieve is validated and represents the most up-to-date and trustworthy current information.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.