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Seismic Data Rationalisation

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Archived seismic data in various formats was reviewed for duplicates and historical data, following which a disposals exercise was implemented. This resulted in large savings in storage costs.



Seismic section data was stored by the client in many different formats e.g. tape, paper, sepia at various storage contractor sites. Much of this data was found to be duplicated and/or historical, so a decision was made to remove all unwanted data and duplicates to help reduce storage costs.



Copies of the databases used by the storage contractors were obtained and a standard identifier generated for each data format. Each format was prioritised according to the client's requirements. From this information it was possible to retrieve the highest priority priority data types and remove any lower priority duplicates. Disposals lists were then generated and sent to the storage sites for actioning.

This exercise resulted in a clean set of data and a large reduction in storage costs for the client.

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