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Stratigraphy Data Clean-up

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Legacy stratigraphic data was reviewed for duplicates and data errors, after which a major clean up operation was performed, standardising layer names and correlating existing data. A clean, complete, consistent data set was created



The client had a fully populated Finder database that contained large amounts of stratigraphy data, much of which had been transferred from their previous corporate store.

It was found that there was much duplication of data, few standard layer names and large amounts of bad data that did not meet the Finder standards (e.g. top depth less than bottom depth).



To solve these issues and create a clean set of data that would be of value to users, Venture carried out a detailed clean up project including the creation of data standards for future use.

The first step in this project was to create a series of schemas, in conjunction with the client's Geological specialists, for use as standards. Once each schema had been created, current data was matched using detailed knowledge of the stratigraphic layers.

Following data clean up, a final set of data was produced that complied with all the newly created schemas and standards, resulting in a clean set of stratigraphy data that is of value to all users.

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