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Structured Business Information Preparation for EDMS

The creation of a structured file repository within NT in order designed to be valid for later migration to a EDMS either as a whole or by business function.



In partnership with a national oil company, our client is in the process of developing two major gas fields in Algeria and operating a separate oil field. There are sites in many locations across three countries and business activities include: Sub-surface, Facilities, Operations, Marketing, HSE, Procurement and Logistics.

As part of the Business Units Information Management Strategy, a structured repository for business information was required. This repository had to be designed to encourage all business information (working and published) to be stored in this system rather than in personal storage areas such as home directories, hard drives and email. Whilst the initial implementation would be on NT, the structure had to be equally valid for later migration to a Document Management System such as Documentum. To achieve this, the following approach was adopted:

Phase 1 - Business leadership engagement and initial decisions
Agreement with the business on the objectives and intended outcomes of the work and the time scales involved. Initial decisions made about the nature and shape of the information system required and the underlying architecture.

Phase 2 - Business information gathering
Seeking extensive input from the business community on the design of the new system, their commitment to implement, and as much information as possible about how information is currently organised – what works and what does not.

Phase 3 - Design and build file system
Preparation of the hardware and associated tools/applications needed for the new information area. Design and build of the skeleton file system given the business views obtained and incorporating all necessary access controls.

Phase 4 – Migration of business information
Working with users to migrate their existing folders and files into the new structure, checking that access controls work according to the business model and that all staff have been given the access they require.

Phase 5 – Post migration and support
Dealing with post-migration issues and the move to the support phase. All old file systems cleared out and closed down so that they can not be re-used. Archiving of information that was not migrated. Ensuring that support teams understand the new area and rules for its use.



  • A structured file system that enables information to be shared and accessed quickly
  • An information system that is championed by Business Leaders and supported by the user population
  • A system that if business justified, can be migrated to a EDMS either as a whole or by business function.

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