Proven broad & deep track record

Supporting the largest global Petrel Studio Implementation


A super major customer had an objective to migrate their primary geoscience interpretation software suite from the Landmark suite of applications to the Schlumberger Petrel Studio environment.  The project involved multiple business units and followed a staggered deployment over a period of two years.

The client had minimal experience in Petrel/Studio but high expectations of delivering a consistent environment across the enterprise with standards for workflow, project templates and consistent output in relation to the business process.

 The training delivery would also be based on a standard set of functions but with modifications where the business unit and/or business process required it. There would also be post-deployment support to aid in the adoption and maintenance of the standard approach.

 The company recognised the additional Data Management overhead that would be required and put in place additional resources to support the business units’ transition to the Petrel environment. 


To achieve success in such an enormous undertaking would have been impossible for a single vendor, therefore the client took a pragmatic, multi-vendor approach.

Venture provided Data Management professionals with extensive expertise in both Petrel and OpenWorks. The consultants took the lead in the assigned business units to clean up the OpenWorks environments and also provided a lead in the project conversion “factory”. The consultants proactively provided solutions and recommendations enabling the client to develop their standard approach. Consultants were also placed within the business units to support the preparation of data for migration and the validation of data in Petrel.


Venture’s expertise in Petrel/Studio gave the client access to key skills and information that enabled them to create a clear and comprehensive vision of how their future Petrel/Studio should look, function and be managed. Having clear structures and working practices established a standard for the business units to comply with, this assisted with the adoption of the new environment because standards can be managed and reported on; they can be assured. Venture’s expertise provided to the project included the following:

  • Data workflow design and build
  • Data cleansing (pre-migration)
  • Data QC and problem resolution (post-migration)
  • Petrel and Studio Data Management
  • Standards Definition
  • Provision of pre and post migration support to the business units


Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.