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Technical App and DM Managed Service Implementation


On award of a contract to deliver managed support services to an international E&P company, the initial challenge was to plan and implement the service, within a new IT environment. The service encompassed all areas of sub-surface data management and application support, including geology, geophysics, well engineering, reservoir engineering, production and petrophysics.


On contract award, we initiated our Service Delivery Framework process. Venture’s Service Delivery Framework governs our design and operation of managed services. Forming part of our ISO9001 Quality Management System, this methodology is based on the ITIL approach to service management. 


The Framework has five stages; Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement. Venture has identified and delivered the exact skills required for each phase.


  • The Strategy and Design stages enabled a full understanding of the business needs and scope of the required services to be incorporated into the design solution.


  • The Transition stage was critical in achieving a successful operational service, and Venture worked with other third party suppliers to ensure complete integration within the client organisation. Governance was delivered through a Transition Manager and supporting management team providing regular assessment on the current state and identifying any rectifying actions.


  • On Transition sign-off, the service entered the Operation stage and using the Framework, Venture implemented a number of processes e.g. SLA’s, KPI’s, regular weekly reporting, monthly review meetings to manage and improve the service.


  • The service is now in the Continual Service Improvement phase. By using the processes embedded in our Framework, such as our seven step improvement methodology, we are able to work with our client to continually improve customer service.



  • A structured approach enabling clear understanding to all parties
  • Confidence provided by using a methodology that has been demonstrated to work
  • Integral delivery of processes designed to continually improve the services
    • Single point of contact for application and DM issues
    • Clear issue status and SLA reporting
  • Ensured business continuity services during a time of IT transition
  • Provision of specialist technical application and data management skills and knowledge


Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.