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Technical IS Strategy

Translating our client's Technical Information Strategy into a programme of work that both delivered the strategy and met the operational needs of a local asset team.

"Our experience of working with Venture has reminded us of how rewarding it can be to work with an external service provider, if they are really listening to your needs and focusing on your problems"


Following an in-depth consultancy assignment designed to examine the subsurface value chain from concept through to abandonment, our client produced a "Technical Information Systems Strategy" that considered technical applications, data requirements, work processes and the supporting organisation. The long-term goals were:

  • To improve regional data management processes
  • To provide on-line access to essential technical data in each regional office.

Venture's challenge was to translate this strategy into a set of implementation tasks, concentrating on the needs of a local asset team. The team was primarily concerned with whether informal data management processes would support their needs as they entered a period of rapid team growth. Furthermore, they had lost confidence in whether they actually understood the day-to-day processes in place and wished to see them identified and documented before moving on.

In order to define the required activities Venture carried out a pragmatic data management survey with the asset team in order to create a working template based on Data Lifecycle. This included recommendations and suggestions from the team themselves.

Once defined, each activity was broken down into an action plan that was later prioritised according to what was critical to the business at the time. This constant re-alignment of tasks ensured that the action plans remained relevant to the dynamics of the team.

The result was the creation of a programme of work that supported delivery of our client's strategy and met the operational needs of the asset team.


  • Improved relationship with the team
  • People felt they were being 'listened to' rather than 'prescribed to'
  • Feeling that data management is being done 'for them' and not 'to them'
  • Joint ownership of the problem
  • A clear understanding of existing data flows and processes
  • The gap was bridged between global initiatives and the operational needs of the Business
  • An ongoing programme of data management projects.

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From advisory services and data management through to EIM, Venture has delivered a wide range of Information Management solutions to BP’s upstream business