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Web Content Management

Our client's international offices previously relied on separate, small websites for each location for information sharing. As part of the information management strategy, a fully integrated system accessible from all offices was developed.



Venture worked closely with the client’s ITS staff to plan and implement the introduction of a new web content management system on which a business-wide Intranet could be based. Rather than relying solely on a web development team to create pages and add content, the nature of the content management system enabled authors with little or no web design experience to add their own content.

Venture staff provided training for authors, standards and guidelines for Intranet use and publishing, and oversaw the roll-out process as well as developing their own content on behalf of the client’s Information Management group.



The new Intranet is now available to 6 of the client’s offices world-wide, providing staff with easy access to over 1300 pages of information. New content continues to be added on a daily basis, and the system also provides a means of publishing corporate announcements, and a live industry news feed.

Venture currently provides ongoing technical support and advice to authors across all 6 offices, in the case of remote sites by use of desktop-sharing applications. Additionally Venture is actively involved in further development of the system and expanding its use across the business.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.