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Well Data Capture - NOC E&P Agreement

Having negotiated an extensive exploration and production agreement with an overseas national oil corporation which necessitated a large-scale exploration campaign, our client had a requirement to collate and capture all relevant and available data for extant wells within its licensed acreage and make them simultaneously available in a digital format to geotechnical staff based in both their UK and overseas offices.

"... delighted with the rigour with which your experience & dedication has been applied to the project to ensure its successful completion, on time & on budget!"    Country Manager


Our client was looking to gather available well data - initially for 530 wells, but later doubled to over 1,000 wells - from all accessible sources, (including the client's office locations, offsite data storage contractors, the overseas operating company offices and the national oil corporation), and to collate, QC and load the data both to their EDMS and geotechnical data applications.

Key project goals were to ensure:

  • All available well reports and hardcopy logs be captured as a scanned image and made available to users within the corporate EDMS
  • All available petrophysical log data be captured, digitised where required, hosted in their well data application and made available digitally to users with one composed petrophysical dataset to be provided per well
  • Sound management of project budgetary spend, (including that for third-party contractors); tracked and managed in order to achieve best value.

Why Venture?

Venture was able to rapidly mobilise a small team complete with a broad range of available expertise and knowledge of all data media and formats - from the scanning of paper and sepia logs and reports, through collating available LAS data files, to overseeing the digitisation and loading of well curves from hardcopy source log data. In addition, Venture was able to draw upon its extensive working experience and contacts within data storage and data transcription companies.


Working closely with our client (in both their UK and overseas offices), their data storage contractor company, their overseas operating company and well data digitisation companies, Venture achieved all project objectives on time and within budget, despite financial cut-backs and scope expansion. Geotechnical staff in either location are now able to benefit from:

  • Data accessible at the desktop, retrieved from integrated data repositories via easy-to-use mechanisms
  • Faster access to quality controlled well data, maintained to client's to client's high standards
  • Increased confidence in all well data (with transparency of data sources)
  • Decreased lead times for their ensuing exploration programme.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.