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Well Data Clean-up

Our client had found that having a large number of sources for well data, created issues around duplication, consistency and accuracy. At a senior level it was decided that there was a real business need to ensure that key corporate data was managed efficiently and that all assets within the business could have quick access to clean and accurate data.

A series of projects were then designed that would create a structure, processes and single data store for the management of the clients data.


The first phase of the programme was to collate together the best well data from each of the data stores. The data would then be loaded into the main corporate store (Seabed) then transferred onto the master stores in Geoframe, Recall and Petrel. From this the users could transfer data into their working projects.

The assets were to be targeted one at a time starting with UK and Algeria, followed by all other assets over a 2 year period.

Both UK and Algeria assets were asked to define a set of key wells that could be transferred to the corporate store (altogether 500 wells were identified), the data could then be collated, approved and loaded into the master stores.

The sources of data identified were:

  • Geoframe, Petrel, Recall, I.H.S, CDA, Deal and Wisdom
  • These sources were then placed in priority order for each of the data types to be collated
    • Well headers, Deviation, Checkshots. Cores and Markers

Why Venture?

Due to the size and type of project the client required expert help with the data collation, QC and transfer. Venture were chosen, as they were seen as the experts in this field and had the staff with the skills and experience to complete the project.

Venture also brought to the table a set of tools and scripts built in Oracle and Excel that could be developed to ensure that the best and most efficient processes were used when identifying the "best" data sets.


Once the data had been collated and each of the "best" data sets had been identified for each attribute and data type, the data was sent to the business for approval.

Once done the clients standards were applied and the data loaded into the master stores. The approval process required a tenacious approach, resulting in 500 approved wells being loaded into the corporate store.

This has allowed the business to have rapid access to reliable, consistent and accurate data, with which they can have confidence in.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.