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Well Data Quality Improvement

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Multiple sources of subsurface data; created duplication, consistency and accuracy issues for our client. This, coupled with incomplete and missing data posed a significant challenge to the accessibility and trustworthiness of the data. Both the Business and Data Management teams realised that there was a real need to QC, cleanse and rationalise this data; a view supported by senior management, leading to project initiation. Data, including some 17,000 wells and 25,000 picks, for 15 West African countries was selected for QC, clean-up, rationalisation and consolidation to a GeoFrame master corporate data store.


Terabytes of subsurface data were collated from more than 25 data repositories; including Geoframe, Petrel, Paradigm, I.H.S, proprietary corporate stores and various file systems.

For each data type and attribute, a best data source was identified by the business. The data was transferred to V-DAT, Ventures PPDM compliant staging database and toolkit, developed to cleanse and rationalise data. Business rules approved by the client were applied at this stage to rationalise the data and ensure that data standards were met. Duplicates and inconsistent data were identified, duplicates removed and missing information completed. 

Once quality assured, and formally approved by the business, the data was transferred into a master GeoFrame project, from which users can now transfer data into their working projects.


A master corporate data store containing business approved data for:

  • 17,000 wells with 25 well header attributes per well
  • More than 115,000 log curves 
  • 25,000 markers 
  • Significant number of deviation and Checkshot surveys
Our client now has easy access to the best available subsurface data for the region; data that is complete, correct and consistent. 



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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.