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Implementation Framework for SharePoint – Do you need one?

According to both the AIIM and Gartner surveys last year, most organisations struggle...

E&P Data Management backups - Are they there?

A couple of weeks ago Iron Mountain polled 1,200 DM staff regarding data recovery as ...

Health, safety and security of E&P offsite physical data storage – is your company protected?

There are multiple and extensive EU and US legislation, certification, regulations, p...

Change Management for EIM initiatives - is it a special case?

On the whole, people don't like change. Apart from an enlightened few, new EIM (DM/RM...

EIM Trends 3: Capturing value from the confluence of an evolving digital culture and new technologies

In the previous two blogs, we considered the evolution of a new kind of user, and the...

E&P Data Management Innovation | Spatial IM in E&P Engineering

GIS in Engineering is used to show engineers where the pipeline is. CAD models repre...

Managing E&P data and information and not just technology

Our clients often ask about the discipline of E&P Data and Information ...

EIM Trends 2: Keeping up with evolving content and devices

In the last EIM Trends blog, we looked at the changing nature of the user - more digi...

Transforming E&P data into valuable information

When does E&P data become valuable information? How do information suppliers and ...

EIM Trends 1: ‘Digital natives’ shaping the way we use IM systems

While looking at holiday photos on an LCD TV recently, we paused the slideshow to tak...

Assessing Ageing Assets | A gathering E&P Data Management storm

Ageing assets: or should that be elderly assets? Do you have elderly parents in your...

What has Information Management to do with North Sea Asset Ageing?

Are you aware of the latest HSE review plan? Key Programme 4 (KP4) came into effect o...

IT - Innovation Technology?

So, how often do we work with client IT departments who are running at full tilt just...

Exploiting real-time drilling data

Real-time data capture from drilling rigs is becoming common. WITSMLTM (Wellsite Inf...

The Case for a Vendor-Neutral Master Well Database in the Upstream E&P Oil and Gas industry

Why is it - that E&P companies struggle with the quality of well data? Why is it ...

Why is it hard to improve information management with some upstream disciplines?

Despite improvements in information systems, definition of detailed standards and pro...

The People Issue in IM – Learning from Knowledge Managers

Views from IQPC’s Knowledge and Information Management for Oil and Gas – ...

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