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Change Management for EIM initiatives - is it a special case?

Date: 25/11/2011

On the whole, people don't like change. Apart from an enlightened few, new EIM (DM/RM/CM) systems are rarely embraced willingly by staff. As a result, take up is often poor, perceptions are negative and upon implementation, initiatives either fail or, at best, rumble along quietly. In the short term at least, they struggle.

EIM initiatives are particularly vulnerable to this, as users can usually choose not to use the new system and carry on their old ways of working. Collaborative systems, by their very nature, are substantially weakened by non-usage even by a few.

Is the lack of effective change management failing these initiatives? Does their implementation seek too much consensus, or perhaps too little? Should the approach be one of transition or a big bang? Should usage be voluntary or mandatory? Is it the usual case of ‘it depends on the circumstances' or can we identify some specific good practice for EIM implementations?

Soumo Bose

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