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E&P Data Management backups - Are they there?

Date: 6/12/2011

A couple of weeks ago Iron Mountain polled 1,200 DM staff regarding data recovery as part of a disaster recovery event. Granted these are Document Management people but the principle still applies. 68 per cent stated that data recovery following a "recovery event" was their most significant challenge and only 44 per cent were able to fully recover their data. Of course, we don't know the particular circumstances.. but.. 44 per cent!

The top two reasons listed for this debacle were the lag in recovery time (27 per cent) and the lack of necessary backup files (15 per cent). I'll say that last one again.. 15 PER CENT was attributable to the lack of necessary backup files. The obvious (?) implication is that it isn't only IT and "the business" that don't talk but IT and DM. The IT folk have fancy systems for backup, viz tiered, real time, snapshots, VTL etc but does DM explain to IT what should be backed up and how in order to maintain data integrity.

Do Data/Records Managers ever request trial restores? Or is that beyond the bailiwick?

Ian Jones

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