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Health, safety and security of E&P offsite physical data storage – is your company protected?

Date: 30/11/2011

There are multiple and extensive EU and US legislation, certification, regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines to ensure the safety of storage working practices and the security and safe management of your physical corporate data.

But where else might you maintain a corporate presence? What about the safety and security of your data and records stored elsewhere - and maybe potential liabilities by tacitly accepting inadequate working practices? Have you assessed them?

While long term objectives should always be storage best practice for your data irrespective of local storage and environmental conditions, there should also be a requirement to both set and monitor achievable short and medium term targets within the local socio-economic and political environment.

So what should you look to achieve?

  • A better understanding of your offsite data storage
  • Increased confidence that your data is either being stored to best available standards, or will be subject to specified remedial actions
  • Assurance that relevant concerns are identified and (as well as examples of good practice) which will help protect against potential liabilities
  • Increased confidence that you have the best available understanding of your data storage requirements when initiating a storage tender or when progressing contractual negotiations.

Professional storage contractors will always welcome the opportunity to demonstrate compliance of their fire detection and protection systems, environmental and security control systems, health and safety practices and contractual agreements. But if not - start questioning whether they're the company you wish to do business with.

Undertaking an assessment and/or audit of HSE, security and administrative practices within your current - or potential future - data storage locations can establish whether associated work processes and procedures meet current national HSE standards, international good oil industry practice and/or statutory specifications, as well as your own specific requirements.

Philip Pearce

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