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Date: 3/8/2010

So, how often do we work with client IT departments who are running at full tilt just keeping the business going? IT groups can struggle to give attention to the strategic and non-technology-centred elements of information and knowledge management, but which are crucial to long term sustainability. Here's one initiative which might help.

The IQPC organisation recently interviewed Dr Martin Curley, Director of Intel Labs Europe. Along with BP, Chevron and some 40 other organisations in various industries, Intel has been involved in creating an aggregate maturity model for CIOs. This model is intended for use indicating the state of an organisation's IT and in developing roadmaps to improve capability and IT value contribution.

As well as discussing the model, Dr Curley also has some interesting things to say about IT challenges and moving IT from reactivity to proactivity and ultimately to being a centre of innovation. One day, he hopes, CIOs will be Chief Innovation Officers.

As business software becomes ever more ‘social' and intertwined and as the already (very) indistinct boundaries between data, information and knowledge management dissolve further, hard pressed IT departments are going to find it even more difficult to see the IM wood for the trees.
Perhaps the ITCMS framework, or something like it, really can help IT departments free up more capacity to focus on the big picture - IM's strategic and non-systems fundamentals among them . Let's hope so, and we shall watch with interest.

Simon Cushing

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