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Experienced Professionals

Not every company is the same. At Venture we know that people are individuals with different strengths, career aspirations and needs. Our continued and accelerating growth gives us the capacity to value these differences and to provide the opportunities, space and support that you need to make a real impact. 

Enjoy working with a variety of different clients?  Then we can provide that. Prefer to work with a client over a longer time-frame? Then we can offer that.

Keen to expand your existing expertise and learn new skills?  Our Academy will provide you with all the help and support that you need.

Want to be able to innovate, create new ideas, move things on? Want to play your part?

Then, if you are an experienced professional and live data and information management excellence, we want to hear from you. Don’t hesitate, jump on board!


If you are interested in working at Venture Information Management, then please complete our online recruitment form and we will happily consider your application.

Client Spotlight


From advisory services and data management through to EIM, Venture has delivered a wide range of Information Management solutions to BP’s upstream business