Developing a Framework for Improved IM

Customer’s Business Challenge

Our customer was in a transition phase, improving their own IM strategy and structure having previously heavily relied on another party within their consortium. A strategy and roadmap for change was required, which would:

    • Produce a vision of how IM could contribute to the development of two new fields, and overall business performance
    • Determine which technologies to use in what circumstances
    • Create a roadmap to take the strategy forward
    • Scope out projects that build towards the vision

Customer’s Business Goal

Sakhalin Energy wished to improve the governance of Information Management and standardise their business processes. This was achieved by identifying weaknesses and strengths within the current governance model and by proposing a course of action designed to build a strong and sustainable governance model for the future.

Venture’s Role

    • The initial phase of this was a review of the current state of the way information was managed across the organisation
      • The scope included; document classifications, document control requirements and procedures, a gap analysis and recommendations
    • Subsequent work included a review of current documents, folder structures and metadata models
    • Restructuring of the information classification metadata (focused on well information), in advance of a major LiveLink installation and upgrade (the largest in Russia), was required along with a taxonomy
    • A review of the information architecture, software and tools was performed in conjunction with the above phases
    • Advisory Consulting on IM Governance, mapping existing structures against a Venture best practice model with the production of a supporting roadmap and recommendations for change
    • A review of IM business processes, providing clear definition of the roles and responsibilities for the process along with supporting governance documents
    • Training to relevant staff on how to develop and implement some of the IM Governance model recommendations

Venture’s Solution

    • An aspirational vision, giving focus to IM development and projects, and moving toward a metadata rich, intuitive environment
    • Recommendations for Central IM operational change and system migration planning
    • Development of a governance model and how this should be implemented
    • Mentoring on the subsequent development

Customer’s Benefits

    • The introduction of consistent, centrally-controlled IM procedures that are more relevant to the business functions within an operational organisation
    • The promotion of more effective and efficient use of procedure which is easier to support from the central IM function
    • The optimisiation of search functionality through metadata implementation
    • Improved quality of information
    • Reduction in duplication and the probability of a user accessing obsolete information
    • Protection of information from accidental deletion
    • The foundation for future digitalisation projects was put in place
    • The importance of IM was raised across the business

Principal Consultant Quote

“It was rewarding to gain insight and support a company moving from a “project” to a “production” environment. The challenge faced by the Central IM group ranged from reducing the engineering bias in IM procedures to developing an internal governance model which will provide the basis for future procedural development within each business function. It is a significant challenge, faced by many of the companies we work with.”Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd. (Sakhalin Energy) is a consortium formed to develop the Piltun-Astokhskoye oil field and Lunskoye gas field off the north-eastern coast of Sakhalin. Sakhalin Energy operates under a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) signed in 1994 with the Russian Federation. Main shareholders include Gazprom, Shell, Mitsui and Mitsubishi.