Integrated Asset Information System

Customer’s Business Challenge

Our customer’s information describing Leads, Prospects, Assets and Licences was stored in a variety of forms, across a multitude of locations, by a number of staff members. The activity of capturing, storing and presenting this information was manual and disconnected from the information owner. As a result, information stored on the previous centralised system (a PDF based Asset Book) had become outdated causing concern and a lack of trust.

Customer’s Business Goal

To deploy a “Lead to Asset Inventory (L2A)” Application to capture, store and present key information:

  • A technical solution to ensure improved, consistent and intuitive information capture and storage of information defining the nature and potential of Leads, Prospects, Assets and Licences
  • An integrated database platform designed to utilise information stored in existing systems; Designing an integrated environment allows the most effective use of information across the organisation, maximises collaboration and reduces misplaced or incorrect information

Venture’s Role

Venture provided a variety of experiences and subject matter expertise, including Project Management, Business Analysis, Interface Design and Development, Database and Software Development skills. These were combined in a project/service delivery environment to create an integrated solution bringing Lead, Licence and Asset information of a technical, commercial and legal nature together with documentation. Successful delivery through responsive and adaptable service lead to a high level of user satisfaction.

Venture’s Solution

The Lead to Asset system was designed to reuse tools which already existed and were being used within the client to minimise the impact of change, increase adoption, streamline operational handover and maximise development efficiency.

Presented to the user through a set of Logi Analytics dashboards embedded within the existing SharePoint portal, the L2A system provides easy access to trusted lead, licence, field and asset information spanning technical (exploration, reservoir development, production) to economic and legal. GIS capability was delivered through ArcGIS and GeoCortex integration, with Logi Analytics and SharePoint bringing an information rich access and reporting platform.

Venture also developed the underlying management and data administration application built upon .NET and supported by SQLServer for data capture. Full versioning, access controls and bulk loading capability was provided. A number of automated data handling processes were established to integrate data in corporate stores and other reporting tools, namely production and leveraged the development of Safe FML custom workflows.

A Governance Framework to ensure the quality, completeness and timeliness of information is maintained at a standard which reflects its value to the organisation. Due to the complex, multi-functional nature of the information managed within the system the governance model had to reflect this by providing a strong framework under which to operate the system.

Customer’s Benefits

  • Improved governance, visibility and compliance for senior management and board in relation to key Lead to Asset business processes
  • Increased visibility of trusted licence, lead, prospect or asset information through summary, functional and entity-based dashboard views
  • Increased collaboration between functions by providing a single system with common interfaces and an agreed and adhered to method for ensuring quality control
  • Reduced risk of missing key licence dates, lead/prospect or asset milestones by providing a graphical view which highlights such dates and their proximity
  • Reduction in risk around non-compliance of regulatory requirements and license management
  • Single trusted source of information business wide allowing well informed decisions to be made in the quickest, most efficient way – reduced single point of failure
  • Capture of historical record of decisions and data for a licence, lead/prospect or asset; this information will be available for chronological analysis through the dashboard
  • Positioning information assets for continued growth and expansion

Customers Background

ENGIE is committed to responsible growth of its businesses (power, gas and energy services) to succeed in the central challenges of delivering an energy transition to a low-carbon economy: providing access to sustainably generated energy, combating climate change, reducing its effect and making responsible use of natural resources.

The Group is developing high-performance, innovative solutions for personal customers, urban authorities and companies by applying its expertise in four key sectors: natural and renewable gas, renewable electricity, energy efficiency and digital technologies.