A global skills challenge for our industry

Developing data management competencies has never been more important – or more challenging. Increasingly E&P data managers come from a varied range of non-traditional backgrounds, including general IT and non-exploration and production industries. At the same time new entrants and more experienced data managers are demanding structured career development in both technical and non-technical competencies.

What does the assessment involve?

Venture’s short data management competency assessment quickly reviews the key skills of your data management team and identifies competency areas to target or strengthen to meet current and future development and service needs. Using a comprehensive practical competency map derived from our extensive experience of data management career development and competency frameworks in the industry, our consultants will spend up to a day working with your data managers, data management leadership and (optionally) other key stakeholders as appropriate to

  1. Define the applicable competency areas to assess for you, your team and your business
  2. Assess the level current skills in appropriate competency areas
  3. Understand the desired level of skills in the applicable competency areas.

What are the benefits?

Following the visit we will review and assess the results and deliver an overview of the findings designed to help plan current and future data management skills and career development in your organisation. A clear understanding and plan for long-term data management competency development will help:

  • Improve the effectiveness of data and information management in the organization.
  • Address your skills needs through greater capability, more and better trained staff, and improved retention of key personnel.
  • Ensure data and information management improvements are sustained and built upon to deliver long-term value.

Your assessment will be carried out by Venture’s Head of Learning Services, or one of our experienced Learning Services consultants.

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Simon Cushing – Profile

Simon Cushing, Venture’s Head of Learning Services, has 24 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry and is recognised as expert in the fields of upstream data and information management. Simon has held diverse leadership roles in petrotechnical technology services management, and has led Venture’s Enterprise Content Management and Professional Services and organisations. He has extensive experience advising oil and gas companies of all types on their information and data management strategies.

Simon has worked in competency development throughout his career, delivering and designing courses in applications technology, information and data management, project management, and relationship-building and communications skills. He is Course Director for PetroSkill’s popular Introduction to Data Management course, and participates in a range of industry initiatives including PPDM’s Data Analyst Certification and CDA’s Professionalisation working group.

Instrumental in founding and developing Venture’s Academy, Simon has developed competency frameworks, training curricula and – unique in the marketplace - Venture’s Graduate Programme, as well as establishing relationships with third party learning service partners and academic institutions. Simon holds a B.Sc in Geophysical Sciences and an M.Sc in Petroleum Geology. He has the APM qualification in Project Management and is certified in Business Process Management.

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