Sword Venture’s Innovation Hub Update


Sword Venture’s work around developing our data science solutions and capability continues apace.

Earlier in August we ran a workshop to focus on validating and solutionising our first batch of use cases. This was led by Ian Ozsvald, Principal Data Scientist at Mor Consulting and Marco Monzanini , renound NLP guru. Ian and Marco are well known in the data science world, having set up one of the largest communities, PyData London, now with nearly 10,000 members. they have worked with many companies looking to exploit data and data science solutions, from start-ups to larger organisations.

Our goal was to ensure that all our development cases are validated against “real” client challenges; ensuring we only fix what needs fixing, rather than what it would be nice to fix as is so often the case in traditional IT lead solutions. Ian and Marco allowed the Sword Venture Data Science team to challenge the use of trusted and emerging technologies and techniques, further accelerating our development thought processes.

Ian and Marco ran the technical workshop as a mini-hackathon looking at our key challenges. As many of these are related to unstructured data quality and accessibility, supporting UK regulatory compliance, the NDR and better internal information systems techniques such as NER & NLP were on the table.

Next up Sword Venture’s newly formed Digital Enablement Team will be commencing a Data Science driven solutions initiative called “Eos”… Stay upto date with our latest news by signing up with the contact us form on our Home Page.

You can help!

If you’d like to take a look at what we’re doing with the Innovation Hub or suggest any use cases you feel might address the sorts of business issues you’re facing, please feel free to contact us, to discuss further.