Sword Venture’s Innovation Hub

Sword Venture recognises the need to transform the way in which information is managed across the Oil and Gas industry. By removing disconnected, siloed and often inaccessible data sets in favour of a truly accessible and connected environment you will allow data’s true value to be realised.

Our vision

To develop an Innovation Hub that provides Sword Venture and our clients with a platform for developing innovative concepts, ideas and solutions within a collaborative environment.

The Innovation Hub also allows Sword Venture to showcase the use of new technologies and techniques that can deliver value through improved information management.

Phase 1

The recently completed first phase has focused on deploying an Azure-based platform to support a range of third-party IM systems (e.g. ArcGIS, PowerBI, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Safe FME) as well as providing a Data Science lab using open source tools.

We worked closely with our partners Loxodrome to deliver this phase using their extensive experience of developing and deploying web-based IM and GIS systems. We are now using this to build out use cases based on real business scenarios, including data integration, search, analytics, delivery and automation.

As an example, we are using the Innovation Hub to develop a proof of concept that addresses the specific challenge around ensuring compliance with the UK Oil & Gas Authority’s requirements to report information and samples.

This ‘Smart Compliance’ solution will use Data Science and Machine Learning to search for, tag and deliver historical data that is currently missing from the National Data Repository. It will also support, automate and track routine requests for information relating to drilling activity and other licence events.

You can help!

If you’d like to take a look at what we’re doing with the Innovation Hub or suggest any use cases you feel might address the sorts of business issues you’re facing, please feel free to contact us, through our contact form on our home page, to discuss further.