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VFiles Complete - A Powerful Migration Solution


VFILES COMPLETE,  combining our powerful propriety software, expert consultancy and supporting methodology, this solution enables Venture consultants to help clients quantify the quality of their data across their information landscape, manipulate and transfer it to a new structure, seamlessly and quicker than manual or competing methods.
It comprises a specifically designed set of software tools for unstructured data held in folder and EDMS systems and a proven in use methodology (DTM), for end-to-end unstructured content discovery, manipulation and transformation.


The V-FILES application suite has been developed extensively over the past decade to enable effective analysis of files held in folder structures and in electronic document management systems (EDMS).

This analysis enables files to be checked and re-organised prior to migration to a new folder structure or EDMS. The tool allows for migration between any combination of, and concurrent analysis across multiple EDMS systems and the design of new destination taxonomies.


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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.